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CdG HEMP: Cold pressed hemp seed oil 3 l
CdG HEMP: Cold pressed hemp seed oil 3 l
CdG HEMP: Cold pressed hemp seed oil 3 l
CdG HEMP: Cold pressed hemp seed oil 3 l
CdG HEMP: Cold pressed hemp seed oil 3 l
CdG HEMP: Cold pressed hemp seed oil
CdG HEMP: Cold pressed hemp seed oil
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CdG HEMP: Cold pressed hemp seed oil

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    Hemp seed oil is rich in essential omega -6, and 3 - fatty acids in the optimal ratio ( 3 : 1 ) . Omega fatty acids nourishes and protects the skin and enhances its natural protective layer . In addition, they will help to cure inflammation s in the body.


    Hemp oil also includes valuable gamma linolenic acid ( GLA ) , which controls the anti-inflammatory agents in the cells. GLA is very beneficial f atty acid in horses diet , because it affects the amount of mucus which protects the digestive organs , and thus may prevent stomach upset . Hemp oil has been shown to improve a horse ´s / dog´s healthy skin , reduce skin dryness , itching & flaking , as well as to increase hair gloss . Natural Vitamin E protects the body from the harmful effects of free radicals . High quality oils such as CdGHEMP hemp contain antioxidants and help reduce muscle carbohydrate levels. CdGHEMP Hemp Oil is ideal for additional energy in the horse´s & dog´s diet, for the treatment of skin problems and rashes, and for maintaining the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

    Hemp seed oil also has a beneficial effect on muscle health, resistance and glucose metabolism. Complementary feed for horses & dogs.

    Please note the current national and FEI anti-doping guidelines.

    We recommend not to use for competing horses or waiting period 96 hours.


    horse: 500kg 0,3 dl - 3 dl / day.

    dog: 0,5 teaspoon ( 5 kg) - 5 teaspoons ( 80 grams ) d ay

    Nutritional values CdGHEMP -Hemp oil 100 g

    Energy : 3443 kJ / 820 kcal

    Fat: 92 g

    Of which saturated fatty acids : 8 g

    Omega -3 fatty acids : 22 g

    Alpha-linolenic acid ( ALA) : 16.7 g

    Stearidonic acid ( SDA) : 2 g

    Omega - 6 fatty acids : 57 g

    Omega - 9 fatty acids : 9 g

    Linoleic acid 51g

    Gamma linolenic acid ( GLA ) : 4 g

    Carbohydrates: 0 g

    Crude fiber : 0 g

    Crude protein : 0 g

    Vitamin E : 90 mg


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