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Finnish cultivation nettle 400 g

Chia de Gracia

Nettle is a healthy and highly nutritious plant rich in natural vitamins and trace elements. Ne...


Milled Chia Seeds

Chia de Gracia

Crushed chia contains all the nutriotions of whole chia seed. Crushed chia is particularly s...

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Coconut Oil 400 ml

Chia de Gracia

Thanks to it´s fatty acid content, Coconut oil is a high-speed energy supplement for hors...


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Chia Seeds

Chia de Gracia

Chia facilitates natural well-being and can supplement the horse’s daily feed. Chia seeds co...

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Not So Sweet Itch 1,2 kg

Chia de Gracia

Chia de Gracia 's Not se sweet itch designer for horses suffering from skin problems or dry ...


Marigold 300 g

Chia de Gracia

Marigold (calendula) has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect so it is often used as a m...


Beetroot flakes 1 kg

Chia de Gracia

Beetroot is rich with variety of vitamins and minerals : potassium, calcium, m...