Stress & Nervousness

Chamomile Flower 400g

Chia de Gracia

Chamomile flower is an all-round herb for horses: for normal gastric and intestinal wellbeing, sk...


Lemon Balm 400g

Chia de Gracia

Lemon balm can be used for difficult heat problems in mares in a relaxing and soothing way. Fierc...



Chia de Gracia

Chamomile is known for its many soothing and balancing properties. Chamomile calms the horse's st...

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Stress Away 1,5 kg

Chia de Gracia

Stress Away is a natural herbal blend designed for nervous and stressful horses. Stress Away cont...


Peppermint 500g

Chia de Gracia

Peppermint calms and reduces tension, anxiety, stress, improves concentration, supports respirato...


Heather 400g

Chia de Gracia

Heather can be used to promote the normal wellbeing of the horse's liver, kidneys and urinary tra...



Chia de Gracia

Valerian root is used to calm and relax nervous and tense horses. Can be used in 3 - 4 days befor...

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