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Blue Hors Care Psyllium Trigonella
Blue Hors Care Psyllium Trigonella
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Blue Hors Care Psyllium Trigonella

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    *Very tasty psyllium husk- ideal for fastidious horses
    *Suitable for sand accumulation in the intestins and for maintaining a good and healty digestion
    *Protects the intestinal mucosa

    Blue Hors Psyllium Trigonella is psyllium husk of finest quality encased in a mass of fenugreek seeds which have a sweet flavour that horses love. When horses are in a paddock with little or no grass they can easily ingest sand which accumulates in the intestins. When psyllium seed husks are mixed in the intestinal juices a gel forms, and this can help to remove the sand from the horses intestinal system. It is the husks that form into a gel and not the seeds, which normally are inside the husks. The seeds have been removed from this product, so only the pure high-quality and effecdtive husks remain.
    Psyllium Trigonella helps maintain healthy gut function.


    Feeding instructions, horse 500 kg: (smaller horses should be given corresponding smaller amounts)
    With sand in intestines, give 3 meals daily for approx. a month.
    For care/prevention give half the amount.
    One meal contains 50 g.
    The horse must have free access to water.

    Mix psyllium seed husks in dry compound feed. Recommend that you do not soften them first and do not mix them in wet feed prior to feeding because the gelling process should begin in the horse's intestinal system.

    Analytical Constituents:
    Crude protein 6%
    Crude fat 8%
    Lignin 4%
    Crude ash 2%
    Sodium 0.1%.

    Psyllium seed husks 65%
    Fenugreek seed
    Coconut oil

    Contains no prohibited substances

    Store in a sealed and dry place