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CdGZinc - Zinc for Horses

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CdGZINC contains Bioplex® chelated organic zinc, which is in a natural and effectively absorbable form. CdGZINC offers better bioavailability than inorganic minerals. The chelated organic form is bound to amino acids which guarantees an effective absorption and a smaller amount is needed to fulfill the need.

Zinc is an important antioxidant trace element which the horse must get from its diet every day. Zinc has many functions in the body, but above all it is necessary for normal growth and development. Zinc is a trace mineral found in all tissues of the body and it is a part of or activates more than 200 enzymes. Zinc is also needed to form collagen in the body. Animals suffering from zinc deficiency, for example cartilage and collagen development disorders has been found.

Zinc supports e.g the horse´s natural immune system and the normal well-being of the fur, hair, hooves and skin. Zinc supplementation is recommended for horses with skin problems or poor quality of hair or hooves. Zinc strengthens the skin, for example, after a summer rash or a mud feever.

Itching, skin damage, hair loss, poor appetite, fatigue and licking are often signs of zinc deficiency. Zinc deficiency can also cause nervousness.

An avarage horse's daily zinc requirement is 500 - 600 mg per day, foals around 300 mg. 1 measure = 525 mg zinc

Composition: organic Bioplex® zinc chelate, diatomaceous earth, inulin.


horse 500 kg:

1 measure / day or as needed.

1 measure = approx. 525 mg zinc.

With 1 measure, the package lasts about 60 days.

Bioplex® Zinc contains 15% organic zinc.


Packaging: 500 g

The risk of overdose is small, but excessive intake of zinc can interference copper absorbtion.

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