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Chia de Gracia

Fight The worms 2 / 1kg

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Fight the Worms 2 is a natural herbal blend to revitalize, regenerate and balance the body after damage caused by parasites and worms and after medicinal parasite removal.

Fight the Worms 2 contains milk thistle seeds, comfrey, liquorice root, kelp, meadowsweet, marshmallow root, dandelion root and a pinch of love .

An internal parasite infection can cause a horse, e.g. diarrhoea, cough, itching, hives symptoms, decline in general condition and weakening of immunity. Regular worming and parasite removal is important.


horse 500 kg:

1 dl / day.

Can be given 7- 1 4 days at a time after parasites control. Mix with other feed.

Not suitable for pregnant mares.