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mirva ja G ikkunassa


Chia de Gracia was born in 2014 from the need of its owner, Mirva Kettunen, to find suitable alternatives to complement the daily nutrition of her horse. As a former athlete, Mirva knows how important nutrition is to maintain performance and well-being. She had tested a number of treatments, medicines and synthetic supplements for the health problems of her horse but wanted to find a natural way to support her welfare.

Chia de Gracia's first product was chia seeds, which Mirva already had good experiences with. Back then, chia was mostly known as a nutritional supplement for health-conscious people, but due to its good qualities it had attracted some interest in equine feeding as well. When chia proved to be a good product for her Spanish mare, Gracia, Mirva came up with the idea of ​​a company that would offer a wide range of natural alternatives to supplement equine feeding. The company got its name from Gracia and the chia seeds that enabled the entire business to start.

The chia was soon joined by many other natural products: nettle, rosehip, ginger, devil’s claw, chasteberry and MSM. For the general public, however, the philosophy of natural feeding for horses was still quite new, and Chia de Gracia has been a pioneer in raising awareness of natural feeding in Finland.

Currently we have more than 100 different products in our selection. New products are often created in response to customers' wishes and as solutions to the different needs and health problems of their horses. From the outset, the business idea of ​​Chia de Gracia has been to bring natural solutions to all the needs and challenges of horses and dogs and to serve each horse or dog owner as an individual.

Now an increasing number of dog and horse owners are interested in organic feeding. Today, choosing natural feed and herbs no longer needs to be justified; knowledge of their properties and benefits has increased as pet owners have received invaluable help for animal welfare.



Chia de Gracia is a Finnish family owned company. All the products are being manufactured in our own premises in Finland.

Chia de Gracia designs and produces a variety of natural feeds and nutritional supplements for horses and dogs. We are the first and currently the only Finnish feeding company whose packaging has been awarded with the prestigious Design of Finland badge by the Finnish Workers' Union.

Chia de Gracia is a feed business operator registered in Finnish food authority, which is responsible for the feed requirements of Finland and the EU. The EU requires, with certain exceptions, for all feed business operators to register that registration. Food business operators are among others feed manufacturers, including freight mixers, trade stairs, importers, storage companies and haulage companies.

A list of approved feed business can be found on the Finnish food authorities website: 




Chia de Gracia's products are all EU-certified products that guarantee they are analysed and safe and they meet the requirements of EU´s feed legislation.

Chia de Gracia imports and manufactures its products only from raw materials which are appropriately laboratory tested in terms of hygiene and quality standards. We do not nominally represent certain producers or wholesalers. This will guarantee the quality and control over our own Chia de Gracia brand. It also improves the security and availability of our products. At the same time, it means that, for example, poor harvesting in one area is not a serious threat to our operations. We only purchase our raw materials from our trusted, high quality and proven collaborators.

Our partners include the industry's quality specifications ISO 2200, ISO 14001, HACCP, Feed Chain Alliance (FCA), GACP.

The herbs are dried and processed in a gentle way to preserve the important nutrients such as vitamins, etc., but nevertheless to secure the optimal self life time.

Leaves, herbs and berries are dried at 40oC, roots 50oC.



Chia de Gracia is a Finnish family company offering 100% natural supplements for horses and dogs.

We are also a member company of the Finnish Workers' Union, which means that our company complies with Finnish law and that our taxes are paid to Finland. We want to invest in Finns' employment and Finnish work.