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Chia de Gracia

Tummy Saver

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Chia de Gracia' s Tummy saver is a chia based herb mix especially designed to balance horse' s gut functions and to promote the digestional system. Tummy Saver contains chia seeds, rosehip, artichoke and dandelion leaves, bentonite clay, dandelion root, liquorice root and a pinch of love .


  • Chia seeds are rich in fiber which is important for normal gut functions and digestion. Chia easily gels and forms a protective film in to the intestines.
  • Rosehip contains pectin, a soluble fiber which helps the bowel movements. Rosehip´s sorbitol prevents stomach hyperacidity and increases salivation.
  • Dandelion root promotes digestion and strengthens the liver. The plant is often used in gallbladder functional disorders of the stomach and intestinal ailments. Due to it´s acidity dandelion can be given to whet the appetite. Dandelion root and the artichoke leaves both contains starch called inulin which is a natural prebiotic - it helps to maintain the good intestinal bacteria.
  • Artichoke also cleans the liver - a clean liver produces bile and enzymes effectively, which are needed in digestive and fat burning mechanism.
  • Bentonite clay is an intestinal ph-balancer and body cleaner.
  • Liquerice is an excellent remedy for many kind of stomach problems.
  • Icelandic moss is an excellent product for the intestine and stomach due to its high pectin content and mucus properties. Has mucosa healing prorepties, maintains digestion and increases saliva secretion.
  • Raspberry leaf also helps digestive and has stomach healing and soothing properties.


Together, these ingredients are an excellent mix to promote horse's stomach and intestinal well-being and health, as well as to support normal digestion system.


Absolute precision product for horses suffering from stomach disorders!

Feeding instructions: Horse (500 kg); 3/4 dl - 1,5 dl /day (30 - 75 g).

1 dl = 50 g.

Dogs: 1 teaspoon - 2 tablespoons / day.

1 tbsp = 12 g.

*** This product has been FCS / HSPS tested for impurities and ingredients which could cause doping problems under the FEI rules.

The FCS test covers 16 prohibited substances, among others. caffeine, theobromine, morphine, scopolamine, theophylline, atropine, hordenin. The HSPS test also covers 30 other banned substances, among others. reserpine, ephedrine, capsaicin.

Certificates of analysis available upon request.