Stomach & Intestinal

Tummy Saver

Chia de Gracia

Chia de Gracia' s Tummy saver is a chia based herb mix especially designed to balance horse' s gu...

From 24,50€

Chamomile Flower 400g

Chia de Gracia

Chamomile flower is an all-round herb for horses: for normal gastric and intestinal wellbeing, sk...


Protect That Tummy

Chia de Gracia

Too few or irregular feeding times, painkillers, transport, changing stables, competitions or oth...


Dandelion Root

Chia de Gracia

Dandelion root promotes the normal wellbeing of horse´s stomach and intestines, normal metabolism...

From 14,90€

Marshmallow root 900 g

Chia de Gracia

The effect of marshmallow root is based on lymphs contained in the root (15-30%). It smells mildl...


Gastro Clay B

Chia de Gracia EN

Chia de Gracia´s Gastro Clay B is a complementary feed to support the balance and well-being of t...


Slippery elm 400 g

Chia de Gracia

Slippery elm is a horse´s and / or dog's stomach and intestinal helper. Slippery elm contains muc...



Chia de Gracia

Chamomile is known for its many soothing and balancing properties. Chamomile calms the horse's st...

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Fennel Seeds

Chia de Gracia

Fennel seed reduces excessive gassing and supports normal air circulation in the respiratory trac...

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Psyllium Husk Powder

Chia de Gracia

High quality of Psyllium Husk Powder. Husk forms a gel mass, which softens the contents of the bo...

From 47,90€

Psyllium seeds

Chia de Gracia

Psyllium seeds form a gel mass, which softens the contents of the bowel and helps to eliminate ...

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Sea Buckthorn

Chia de Gracia

Sea Buckthorn is an extremely vitamin-rich berry. It contains all vitamins except vitamin D. ...

From 24,90€

Brewer´s yeast 1 kg

Chia de Gracia

Brewer's yeast is an excellent vitamin B supplement for your horse! It contains all essential B v...


Liquerice root 800 g

Chia de Gracia

Licorice root has an impressive list of well documented uses and is probably one of the most over...


After Work

Chia de Gracia EN

Chia de Gracia´s After Work is designed to treat your horse after training and to promote body´s ...


Islandic Moss 400g

Chia de Gracia

Islandic Moss pampers horse’s stomach and helps to maintain the normal well-being of the mucous m...