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Devil´s Claw
Devil´s Claw
Devil´s Claw
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Devil´s Claw

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    Devil’s Claw can be used to support the well-being and mobility of horse joints and soft tissues.

    Harpago root, or devil´s claw, is nature's own supplement for maintaining joint function and mobility, supporting the normal well-being of muscles and soft tissues. Suitable for horses whose joints need rehabilitation or support due to injury, strain or wear, for example.

    Adding Devil's Claw as an equine feed supplement to a veteran horse's feed can help to relieve the general stiffness which is often evident as a horse or pony ages.

    Devil´s claw also has sedative, digestive stimulating and diuretic properties.

    It can also be used to relieve the dullness of the pelvic floor muscles of mares during the month of anger. Suitable for use in combination with chasteberry to relieve mare's heat symptoms. Chasteberry maintains normal hormonal function.

    Not recommended for pregnant or lactating mares / dogs or for horses / dogs with a tendency to stomach ulcer or who are generally sensitive to stomach, as pyruncle promotes the secretion of stomach acids.


    horse 500kg: 1- 3 tbsp / day,

    dog 0,5 tsp - 2 tsp / day.

    1 tbsp = 10 g.


    Do not feed Devils Claw to pregnant mares.

    Antidoping reciommendation 96 h / 4 day.

    100% dried and ground porridge.

    Herbalist article about devil´s claw


    100 % dried and crushed harpago root / devil´s claw.