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Electrolyte Up 1 kg

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Electrolyte Up is a natural, delicious and completely sugar-free electrolyte preparation for horses. It is designed to restore the horse´s electrolyte and fluid balance after a hard performance and sweating.

Electrolyte Up contains Himalayan salt, mineral salt, beetroot powder, dandelion root, dandelion leaves and a pinch of love .

  • During heavy muscle work, the horse's body temperature rises, as most of the energy released from muscle work is released by heat. With many horses, body temperature also rises during transport. The horse gets rid of excess heat mainly by sweating.
  • During physical exertion, the horse can sweat up to 10-15 liters per hour. When sweating, the horse loses salts and minerals, ie. electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium).
  • A heavily sweating horse can lose up to 100 g of salt in a single hour. Low electrolyte concentration reduces the amount of blood circulating in the veins and the horse's performance ability decreases.
  • Horse´s body needs salt and electrolytes to maintain its electrolyte balance despite strong sweating. Providing extra salt in feed is also justified for lightworking horses, as there are large individual differences in salt rock consumption.

Sweating consumes always plenty of water and the horse quickly begins to suffer from dehydrating if drinking water is not available or the horse will not drink enough. The desire to drink stops often quite quickly after exercise if water is not available. The horse should be offered a reasonable amount of lukewarm water immediately after training.

When the horse is sweating, the electrolytes lost should be replaced.

  • The high-quality Himalayan salt contains a wide range of about 80 different minerals and sodium, but it´s mineral content is not only enough to meet the needs of a heavily sweating horse.
  • Mineral salts contain some sodium, but especially potassium and magnesium, which are also important electrolytes.
  • Beetroot contains many and varied healthy minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, copper, phosphorus, iron and zinc. In addition, it is sweet and most horses are crazy about it!
  • Dandelion leaves and roots are also an excellent way to replace lost electrolytes. They contains plenty of potassium and magnesium to repair the body's electrolyte balance.
An isotonic saline solution with salinity equal to the body will quickly repair the horse's fluid and electrolyte loss. The isotonic saline solution is obtained by mixing 3/4 of the salt with 10 liters of water. In humans, sportdrinks containing sugars and amino acids enhance the absorption of sodium, but excessive sugar in the horses even slows the recovery of fluid balance. The role of electrolyte products is not only to restore the horse-lost electrolytes, but also to get the horse to drink more.


horse 500kg:

2 tablespoons - 3/4 dl as needed.

1 dl = 90 g. 1 tbsp = 14 g.

If it is known that the horse will sweat abundantly, Electrolyte Up can be soldered to the horse before, during, and after sweating.

Horse also lose electrolytes and fluids with diarrhea and in these cases the lost electrolytes and fluid balance must be remedied efficiently.