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Chia de Gracia


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The benefits of turmeric are based mainly on curcumin, which takes cares of bones and joints.

Turmeric comes from a plant in the ginger family and is native to India, where it has been used in medicine and food preparation for thousands of years. The active ingredient in turmeric is called curcumin and it is this specific phytochemical that is known for its effectiveness in treating a variety of conditions.

Turmeric is probably best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Itworks by significantly reducing the inflammatory pathways in the body but does not damage the lining of the stomach. Chronic inflammation is a recognized component of many different diseases including arthritis, insulin resistance, and cancer. Another common use for turmeric is for detoxifying the liver. Turmeric not only is a potent antioxidant itself, but it also helps to boost the body’s own antioxidant mechanisms, making it doubly helpful in this regard. If your horse is older, if he suffers from any type of chronic condition, or if he’s a performance horse, he very well may benefit from an antioxidant such as turmeric.

One researcher concluded that “turmeric appears to outperform many pharmaceuticals in its effects against several chronic, debilitating diseases, and does so with virtually no adverse side effects.”

Dosage: horse 500 kg: 1 - 2 tablespoon a day

Dogs: 1 - 2 teaspoons a day.

NOTE: Horse allergic to birch and bollard pollen may be cross-allergic to turmeric and develop symptoms.

Can be used together with ginger, liquerice root and fenugreek seeds when managing joint problems.

Recommended to note waiting period of 4 days.