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Chia de Gracia

Protect That Tummy

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Too few or irregular feeding times, painkillers, transport, changing stables, competitions or other stressors can weaken the normal protective mechanisms of the horse's stomach and cause disturbances to normal intestinal well-being.

Protect That Tummy is a completely natural feed mixture to support the normal functioning of the stomach, acid balance and well-being. The ingredients form a mucus substance and cause the so-called waterproof belly armor. Supports normal intestinal balance. Contains ingredients that soothes the intestines and maintains digestion, e.g. plenty of dietary fibers and mucus-producing ingredients. For horses whose digestive system needs protection, support or rehabilitation or who have challenges with their stomach functions.

Includes: inulin , lecithin , pectin , rosehip , fenugreek seeds , brewer's yeast and a pinch of love.

Inulin is a prebiotic, dietary fiber, which does not disintegrate in the bowels. Inulin fibers are transported to the large intestine and is fermented there. Inulin increases the diversity of the microbiota in the colon and promotes the entire body's natural immune system, health and well-being. Lecithin is a gastric mucosal enhancer and a healthy digestive tract administrator. . Lecithin has the ability to neutralize strong stomach acids. Lecithin strengthens the intestinal´s water-repellent surface layer and can thus protect and strengthen the gastric mucous membrane. Pectin forms a thick gel in the intestine, which strengthens and thickens the gastrointestinal tissue. Pectin increases abdominal buffering capacity, as well as increases and balances the stomach pH. Rosehip also contains pectin, as well as sorbitol which balances the stomach acids. Fenugreek seeds forms intestine mucus, which can soothe the digestive tract. Gastrointestinal lesions often cause swelling and gasification. Brewer's yeast improves digestion and promotes good bowel function. It also increases good intestinal flora and helps to balance the beneficial bacteria in the stomach.


Horses 500 kg:

1 to 2 dl a day (55 - 110 g). The dose can be divided into 2 separate feeding times. Not for pregnant mares.

1 dl = 55 g.

*** This product has been FCS / HSPS tested for impurities and ingredients which could cause doping problems under the FEI rules.

The FCS test covers 16 prohibited substances, among others. caffeine, theobromine, morphine, scopolamine, theophylline, atropine, hordenin. The HSPS test also covers 30 other banned substances, among others. reserpine, ephedrine, capsaicin.

Certificates of analysis available upon request.

Products containing brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) are known as supplements that stabilize normal digestion and stabilize intestinal flora.


Treatment of gastric lesions in horses with pectin-lecithin complex


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