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Chia de Gracia

MSM-Ginger Powder 1 kg

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The mixture contains 85% MSM powder and 15% ginger. The ingredients work together synergistically and enhance the effectiveness of both ingredients.

MSM is the source of organic sulfur. Body consists small amounts of sulfur naturally and it is needed, for example for the growth of new cells and, the growth of healthy skin, hair, hooves and connective tissues. MSM supports normal wellneing of bones, joints, ligaments and tendons, proper enzyme activity and acid-base balance, hormone balance and immune function.

Ginger is one of the best nature’s own nutritional supplements with many positive effects for body’s general wellbeing and healthiness. it promotes the normal functioningand wellbeing of the musculoskeletal system. Ginger contains e.g. capsaicin, beta-carotene, curcumin, salicylate and caffeic acid.

Ginger supports the normal wellbeing of the respiratory tracts and the body's own resistance.

The Bitter substances contained in ginger maintain the secretion of digestive fluids and saliva, and for this reason ginger can be used to support normal digestion and problems caused by dry mouth.


Horse 500 kg:

1-2 tbsp daily.

It is recommended to start with a small dose and gradually increase the dose from 1 to 2 tablespoons a day / horses.

1 tbsp = 10 g

Ginger is an antibiotic plant, so it should be administered in courses. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating mares.

Caution: ginger contains capsaicin which is a prohibited substance. Note this when competing.


1/3 tsp- 1 tbsp / a day.