Sport Dogs

Boswellia Serrata

Chia de Gracia

Boswellia Serrata is the best friend of your horse´s joints! Boswellia supports normal joint func...

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CdG-E: natural Vitamin E

Chia de Gracia

CdGE is a 100 % natural vitamin E for horses and dogs. Vitamin E is needed to maintain normal mus...

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Joint Buddy

Chia de Gracia

Joint Buddy is Chia de Gracia's herbal mixture designed to promote joint well-being and normal  j...

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Rosehip Powder

Chia de Gracia

Powdered Rosehip (Dog Rose) Rosehip is rich in natural vitamin compounds, B-, C-as well as oils,...

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Devil´s Claw

Chia de Gracia

Devil’s Claw can be used to support the normal well-being, functionality and mobility of horse jo...

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Chia de Gracia

The benefits of turmeric are based mainly on curcumin, which takes cares of bones and joints. ...

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Finnish Hemp Seeds

Chia de Gracia

Finnish Hemp seed is a versatile and nutritious supplement for horses.Hemp seed contains plenty o...

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Spirulina Powder 500g

Chia de Gracia

Spirulina is one of the world's richest nutrients from plants. It provides valuable protectio...



Chia de Gracia

 Chia de Gracia's ginger is nature's own nutrient for maintaining general well-being, immunity, a...

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MSM Powder

Chia de Gracia

MSM is an organic sulfur compound which can be used in combination with other herbal products, to...

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Milled Hemp Seeds

Chia de Gracia

Milled seeds is absorded more easily compared to whole seeds.   Hemp seed is rich in essential fa...

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CdG HEMP: Cold pressed hemp seed oil

Chia de Gracia

Finnish Hemp seed oil is rich in essential omega-6, and 3 -fatty acids in the optimal ratio ( 3 :...

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CdGZinc - Zinc for Dogs

Chia de Gracia EN

CdGZINC contains Bioplex® chelated organic zinc, which is in a natural and effectively absorbable...


CdG Collagen+

Chia de Gracia EN

CdG Collagen+ contains Petagile® collagen, rosehip, msm, hyaluronic acid and a pinch of love.Coll...

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Devil´s Claw-Ginger-Turmeric 750 g

Chia de Gracia EN

Devil´s claw-ginger-turmeric blend to support the normal well-being of horse´s and dog´s joints a...


Meadowsweet powder 800 g

Chia de Gracia

What are the benefits of Meadowsweet for Horses? Joint problems Joint problems may be related t...