Chia is the best plant source of fatty acids

Chia is the best plant source of fatty acids


- Omega fatty acids provide a shiny coat and healthy skin and hair

The omega-6 series linoleic acid and omega-3 series alpha-linolenic acid are essential fatty acids found in polyunsaturated vegetable fats. Foods like flax seed, flax oil, fish oil, and of course, Chia are particularly rich in these fatty acids. In chia the fatty acid distribution is optimal at 3:1. Chia consists of 18.8 percent of omega-3 fatty acids and 5.9 percent of omega-6 fatty acids.

Omega fatty acids help in maintaining health by improving coat and skin condition, supporting the immune system, relieving inflammation and mucous membranes. It is also possible to revive broken and dry horsehair through the use of Chia. High fat content of chia makes the horse hair shine. Omega fatty acids have been shown to relieve the horse of various ailments including respiratory infections, allergies, and reactions to insect bites. The body's balance of fatty acids is an essential factor in treating itchy dermatitis during the summer, and chia makes horse skin oily. Omega fatty acids are needed in the body for skin and cell regeneration, to balance blood constituents (blood pressure and cholesterol) and for normal joint activities. Adequate intake of fatty acids is also important for pregnant mares.

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