Although dogs are carnivores, they also require nourishment other than meat. Like humans and horses, dogs require fiber, vitamins, good fatty acids, trace elements etc. to stay healthy and energetic. Especially dogs on a raw food diet need support for their digestion.

By adding herbs, berries, seeds or root vegetables to your dog’s diet, you can complement the diversity of the food and digestion, for example, completely naturally and without additives.

Older dogs also begin to get aches and pains that can be relieved by a correct diet.
Likewise very active dogs require special care for their joints and connective tissue, for example. Breeding animals also have their own requirements.

Root vegetables, berries and seeds in particular are a safe and easy way to diversify your dog’s diet. Herbs are specifically designed to diversify nutrition and support and activate the body’s own natural functions. Herbs are not meant to replace medicine.

Keep in mind that herbs are principally not recommended for pregnant animals. You should also ensure that the products are suitable for baby animals!

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