The vitamins and nutrients of hay dissipate during the winter months. It is important to take care of sufficient vitamin supply outside the grazing period. Vitamin E is particularly important, which makes the 100% natural CdGE a must. Supplements for other vitamins include rosehip, sea buckthorn, dandelion leaf, nettle, yarrow, black currant leaf and berries, beetroot, kelp and various seeds. The cold air may take its toll on the joints of old horses in particular and make them stiff. This can be relieved with fenugreek seeds, boswellia serrata, rosehip, devil's claw and MSM ginger, among others.


Hair shedding time! Shedding is hard work, and therefore your horse requires more energy than usual during the shedding season. Brewer's yeast and spirulina are great products to aid in shedding. Refreshing plants in spring include yarrow, nettle and beetroot as well as pollen. Many horses begin to nibble at the fragrant roots in spring, which can be reduced by adding dandelion root and bentonite clay in the feed, for example.


Summer and the flies! Coconut oil, chamomile and marigold soothe itchy and irritated skin. Garlic, chasteberry, lavender and lemon balm have attributes that chase away insects. Electrolyte Up is a 100% sugar-free but super delicious electrolyte restorer. Mash the Pony tempts even the pickiest horse to drink during hot weather and helps to maintain the fluid balance.


The moist and frigid air causes respiratory tract problems. Deep Breath is an herbal blend to support your horse’s respiratory tract health. Thyme is also useful for opening the respiratory tracts. Black cumin seeds, garlic, Immune Boost, pollen grains and CdGVinegar support normal resistance.

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