Why Chia de Gracia?

Why Chia de Gracia?


Chia de Gracia is an organic feeding expert from Finland. Chia de Gracia’s real natural feed and complementary feed support the daily well-being of horses and dogs and promote health and well-being naturally without any food additives or synthetic ingredients.

Many of our products are created based on the wishes of our customers. We are constantly looking for new research on the natural feeding of horses and dogs from all over the world and carefully listening to the feeding-related challenges that pet owners meet. In this way, we aim to meet the needs of our customers as well as possible. Our extensive selection includes products for almost any need!

In addition to well-being and high-quality products, we at CdG are also committed to environmental values. The packaging is a major factor in the carbon footprint of our products. We were the first company to bring re-sealable complementary feed bags to the Finnish market. Our method produces 80% less plastic waste compared to traditional bucket or can packaging. The environmental load caused by logistics is also significantly smaller. Our mailing packages also use as much recycled cardboard or paper as possible. At events we give our customers paper or durable bags instead of plastic ones. Our brand has been given credit for its design – we are the only Finnish feeding company that has been awarded the prestigious Design of Finland badge.

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