CdG Flax: Coldpresses Flax Seed Oil 1 l

Chia de Gracia

100 % cold-pressed linseed oil for horses and dogs. Linseed oil contains plenty of essential...



Chia de Gracia

The benefits of turmeric are based mainly on curcumin, which takes cares of bones and joints. ...

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Gastro Control 1,5 kg

Chia de Gracia

Gastro Control is a premix designed for horses, based on clay flavoured with fermentation extract...


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CdG Winter Gloves

Chia de Gracia

CdG Riding Gloves with excellent grip and warm Thinsulate lining. These will keep your hands...



Chia de Gracia

Nettle is rich in natural vitamins and minerals. It is highly nutritious, containing ample amou...

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Immune Boost 2,5 kg

Chia de Gracia

Immune Boost is a effective and versatile feed mix to boost your horse´s overall condition and ...


Sea Buckthorn

Chia de Gracia

Sea Buckthorn is an extremely vitamin-rich berry. It contains all vitamins except vitamin D. ...

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Yarrow 500g

Chia de Gracia

Yarrow is very versatile plant. It speeds up the metabolism, increases the excretion of urine...


Sage 500g

Chia de Gracia

Sage (Salvia officinalis) has a long tradition of medicinal use. Researches has shown that sage c...


Fight The Worms 1 / 900g

Chia de Gracia

Fight the Worms 1 includes couch grass, garlic, cranberry, thyme, anis seeds, fennel seeds, wormw...


Fight The worms 2 / 1kg

Chia de Gracia

Fight the Worms 2 includes milk thistle seeds, comfrey, liquorice root, kelp, meadowsweet, mars...


CdG-Riding socks

Chia de Gracia

Wonderfully soft and stylish CdG- Riding socks. 100% cotton. One size.


Hemp Protein pellet

Chia de Gracia

Hemp protein pellet is made from finnish hemp seed. Hemp protein contains plenty of protein but i...

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Don´t Worry, Pee Happy

Chia de Gracia

The urine infection culprits are bacterias that are mostly native to the intesti...

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Joint Buddy

Chia de Gracia

Joint Buddy is Chia de Gracia's herbal mixture designed for joints well-being and to promote join...

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Dandelion Root

Chia de Gracia

Dandelion root promotes digestion and strengthens the liver. Dandelion is often used to gallbladd...

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