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CdG Collagen+

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CdG Collagen+ contains Petagile® collagen, rosehip, msm, hyaluronic acid and a pinch of love.

Effective ingredients with high concentrations together create an excellent support for maintaining the mobility of horses and dogs. No fillers, a high 80% collagen content guarantees optimal performance.

Collagen is an important component of articular cartilage which is responsible for maintaining the flexible structure of cartilage. 30% of body’s proteins are made up of collagen and therefore it is especially useful in soft tissue repair processes. When used internally, collagen peptides stimulate the body's own collagen production, e.g. in cartilage and tendons.

CdG Collagen+ contains high-quality PETAGILE® collagen, which has been shown to be effective in horses and dogs * in clinical trials. Studies have shown that orally ingested PETAGILE® collagen ends up to articular cartilage and supports cartilage tissue regeneration.

In addition to collagen, rosehip, which is  rich in vitamin C has been added to the product, as vitamin C is needed in the cartilage to form collagen. CdG Collagen+ also contains msm and hyaluronic acid to support the optimal joint wellbeing.


horse 500 kg:

36 g per day (maintenance).

In acute cases, the dose may be doubled for the first 2-4 weeks.

1 tbsp = 6 g, 1 dl = 40 g.

With a dose of 36 g, the pack lasts about 25 days

For best effect, it is recommended to feed for at least 12 weeks.

Does not contain ingredients controlled or prohibited by the FEI. Petagile is an EU approved feed material 852/2004, 853/2004, 999/2001.

Dosage for dogs:

Dogs ≤10 kg 2.5 g
Dogs 10-25 kg 5 g
Dogs 25-35 kg 7.5 g
Dogs> 40 kg 10 g

1 tbsp = 6 g


900g contains 720 g Petagile Collagen.


Specific bioactive collagen peptides (PETAGILE ® ) as supplement for horses with osteoarthritis: A two-centred study


In a 12-week study in horses, the use of collagen peptides clearly reduced the symptoms of osteoarthritis (pain and lameness). In the study, 38 horses were divided into three groups, of which the horses in the one group received either 25g or 50g of collagen peptides and the other group did not receive any (placebo).

The horses were examined by veterinarians at the beginning of the study, halfway through, and at the end of the study. Veterinarians performed bending tests on the horses, monitoring the intensity of lameness, rotational pain, stride length, and joining phase in the trot. The study showed a positive effect of Petagile collagen peptides with 25-50g daily use to relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis.


The Effectiveness of Specific Collagen Peptides on Osteoarthritis in Dogs-Impact on Metabolic Processes in Canine Chondrocytes

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Ingrid Tikk

Seams very good product, but too earlier to get results:-)