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CDG-Lick: Eucalyptus & Mint

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100% natural lickstone

100% natural lickstone-shaped nutritional supplement for the normal well-being of the respiratory tract. Nulukivi offers the horse a pleasant pastime. A tasty and healthy alternative. Made from genuine natural ingredients

Contains: eucalyptus leaves, mint leaves, black cumin seeds, corn, glucose syrup as a binder.

The package includes a meter-long linen rope for attachment.

Package size: 1.6 kg


* Lick stone benefits the horse in situations where it has no food. Licking a horse stimulates the secretion of saliva. Alkaline saliva neutralizes stomach acids and protects the stomach from ulcers. Saliva secretion supports the functioning of the stomach and improves the digestion process.

* A tasty supplement that utilizes the natural nutrients of mint, eucalyptus and black wheat seeds to support the well-being of your horse's respiratory and digestive organs.

* Ground mint leaves maintain the body's normal respiratory and digestive functions and contain antibacterial properties.

* Eucalyptus leaves maintain the well-being of the respiratory tract, refresh the feeling. Eucalyptus leaves are anti-inflammatory, relieve congestion.

* Black cumin seeds containing more than 100 active ingredients provide energy, stimulate the digestive tract and cleanse the body. Maintains the body's own resistance.

* By cleaning the airways and stimulating mucus secretion from the airways, the horse breathes easily. Especially suitable for horses prone to cough or performance horses that require high performance.

* CdG-Lick is the perfect entertainment for your horse in the stable to relieve restlessness and boredom.

* CdG-Lick lick stones contain only natural vitamins and minerals. They do not contain chemical preservatives, flavors or impurities.

* Lickstones have a hard texture, and small parts stuck between the teeth do not come off. Nutrients that travel to the stomach with saliva are easily absorbed by the body.

* Donut-shaped CdG-Lick stones are handmade and pressed, which guarantees an even distribution of vitamins and minerals over the entire area of ​​the stone. The products are also 100% environmentally friendly in their packaging.

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