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Chia de Gracia EN

CDG-Lick: Milk Thistle

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100% natural lickstone

100% natural lick stone for horse pastime and play. Contains ingredients that support the body's general well-being. A tasty and healthy alternative.

Made from genuine natural ingredients.

Contains: milk thistle seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, sea salt, glucose syrup as a binder.

The package includes a meter-long linen rope for attachment.

Package size: 1.8 kg

 * The active ingredients of milk thistle seed are a group of plant compounds commonly called silymarin. Silymarin extracted from milk thistle seeds has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. The ingredients of milk thistle seeds maintain normal liver function and general well-being of the body.

* Flaxseeds support digestion and intestines. Flaxseed's omega-3 fatty acids maintain the well-being of the skin and coat, and daily use supports the body's own immunity.

* Hemp seeds contain plenty of zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and fiber as well as 21 amino acids. The seeds are rich in protein and their high fiber content supports digestion.

* CdG-Lick lick stones contain only natural vitamins and minerals. They do not contain chemical preservatives, flavors or impurities.

* Lick stone benefits the horse in situations where it has no food. Licking a horse stimulates the secretion of saliva. Alkaline saliva neutralizes stomach acids and protects the stomach from ulcers. Saliva secretion supports the functioning of the stomach and improves the digestion process.

* Lickstones have a hard texture, and small parts stuck between the teeth do not come off. Nutrients that travel to the stomach with saliva are easily absorbed by the body.

* Lickstone is a great way to calm down. While licking, the horses remain calm, for example, during veterinary visits, shoeing, etc.

* CdG-Lick is also a toy. When the horse licks and plays, it improves the horse's emotional state and mental alertness.

* Donut-shaped CdG-Lick stones are handmade and pressed, which guarantees an even distribution of vitamins and minerals over the entire area of ​​the stone. The products are also 100% environmentally friendly in their packaging.

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