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CdG Organic Selenium - for horses

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CdG ORGANIC SELENIUM is a supplementary feed to ensure the horse's adequate selenium intake.

CdG ORGANIC SELENIUM contains Bioplex® chelated organic selenium, which is in a natural and efficiently absorbed form.

Selenium is a vital antioxidant trace element for horses. Selenium is particularly suitable for the training and competition season to maintain muscle performance. Adequate selenium intake has been found to have positive effects on the horse's recovery after sports performance. Selenium also affects muscle function together with vitamin E. As an antioxidant, vitamin E can partially compensate for selenium deficiency and vice versa. There is only a little selenium in the soil, and therefore the horse should get it in solid and mineral fodder. Deficiency symptoms include muscle atrophy and general muscle fatigue. Selenium also affects the production of thyroid hormone and is important for reproductive functions and fertility.

Selenium supplementation is recommended for horses that have been diagnosed with a selenium deficiency, have difficulty growing muscle, and have difficulty with muscle recovery. Selenium supports the body's own natural immune system.

CdG ORGANIC SELENIUM is mixed with vitamin-rich aronia berry powder, which has more antioxidants than any other berry or fruit. Aronia berry is considered a real health bomb and superfood thanks to the vitamins and antioxidant benefits it contains, among other things. Aronia berries contain plenty of antioxidant vitamins C and E, carotenoids, folate and minerals such as potassium, iron and manganese.

Organic selenium is a safe source of selenium that is well absorbed and can be used efficiently by the body.


Horse 500 kg:

A horse's daily requirement is approx. 0.9-1.5 mg.

7.5 ml measures approx. 4 g.

4 g contains selenium 1.25 Mg.

The dosage should take into account the amount of selenium obtained from other food.

Excessive intake of selenium can cause poisoning symptoms, so the recommended dosage must not be exceeded.

Bioplexi® selenium is a patented selenium yeast.

CdG ORGANIC SELENIUM offers better bioavailability than inorganic minerals. The biological form reduces the risk of negative interactions of inorganic minerals, supports the efficient absorption and utilization of minerals in the body and strengthens the animal's immunity, optimal nutritional status and overall well-being. The chelated, i.e. organic form bound to amino acids, guarantees good absorption, thanks to which a smaller amount is sufficient.

The background of Bioplex® products is more than 20 years of research and product development.

The package contains a 7.5 ml measure scoop, which is about 4 grams.

Package size 250 g. With a 4 g dose, the package lasts 60 days.

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