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CdG ZINC & COPPER - for horses

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CdG ZINC COPPER is a supplementary feed to ensure the horse's sufficient zinc and copper needs.

CdG ZINC COPPER contains organic and chelated Bioplex® zinc and copper, which are in a natural and efficiently absorbed form.

Zinc and copper are important trace elements that the horse must get from its food daily.

Zinc supports  e.g. the horse´s natural immune system, the well-being and quality of hair, mane & tail, skin and hooves. Zinc has many functions in the body, but above all it is necessary for normal growth and development. Zinc is a trace mineral found in all tissues of the body and is part of or activates more than 200 enzymes. Zinc is also needed to form collagen in the body. In animals suffering from zinc deficiency, it has been found, for example, cartilage and collagen development disorders.

Zinc supplementation is recommended for horses with skin problems or bad hair or hooves. Strengthens the skin, for example, after a summer rash or mudfever.
Itching, skin damage, hair loss, poor appetite, fatigue and licking are often signs of zinc deficiency. Zinc deficiency can also cause nervousness.

Copper is needed for the functioning of enzymes related to energy metabolism, the functioning of the nervous system, the skeleton, and the synthesis and maintenance of elastic tissues. Copper is an essential ingredient in maintaining the body's own collagen production.

Copper also plays an important role in the formation of hemoglobin and the function of red blood cells.

Adequate intake of copper and zinc is particularly important for the normal growth of foals. In addition, it is important that their ratio is correct, because too much zinc weakens the absorption of copper. The copper-zinc ratio in horses should be 1:4. Lack of copper can cause growth disorders in foals and in adult horses, e.g. lack of performance, anemia, weakening coloration of the coat, digestive disorders and the urge to lick. Anemic horses should always have their copper intake checked.

CdG ZINC COPPER offers better bioavailability than inorganic minerals. The biological form reduces the risk of negative interactions of inorganic minerals, supports the efficient absorption and utilization of minerals in the body and strengthens the animal's immunity, optimal nutritional status and overall well-being. The chelated, i.e. organic form bound to amino acids, guarantees good absorption, thanks to which a smaller amount is sufficient.

The average daily zinc requirement of a horse is 500 to 600 mg per day, for foals about 300 mg, for copper in adult horses 125 mg and for foals 75 mg. Zinc and copper are in the right 4:1 ratio in the product.


Horse 500 kg:

* 8 g contains zinc 500 mg and copper approximately 125 mg

* 1 measure 15 ml = 9 g

* With a dose of 8 grams, the product lasts 60 days (€0.53/day).

The amount of zinc and copper obtained from other food should be taken into account in the dosage. Can be used continuously. In case of troublesome skin or coat problems or deficiency conditions, the dose can be doubled for a course of 4-6 weeks.

Composition: organic Bioplex® zinc chelate, copper chelate, inulin.

Package size 500 g

Contains a measure scoop of 15 ml.

The background of Bioplex® products is more than 20 years of research and product development.

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