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Chia de Gracia

Cleavers 400 g

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Cleavers promotes normal metabolism and lymphatic circulation. An excellent combination with marigold.
Nutritious cleavers is a herb that supports the horse's vitality. The versatile cleavers also supports the normal well-being of the urinary tract and skin, as it contains diuretic and astringent ingredients as well as bitter substances.

Cleavers also contains nutrients (e.g. silicon) which supports the normal growth of hooves and horsehair. The body needs silicon, e.g. for the maintenance of bones and teeth as well as for the maintenance of cartilage, skin, hair and corneum. Silicon is necessary for the formation of joints and mucopolysaccharides (e.g. collagen).
Cleavers is a good help, e.g. for revitalizing the fluid circulation of swollen legs.

Excellent together with calendula for maintaining the body's lymphatic circulation. Cleavers may reinforce body´s normal immunity properties.


horse 500 kg:

1/3 dl - 1 dl / day .


1/3 teaspoon - 1 tbsp / day (small / large dogs ).

1 dl = 20 g.

tbsp= 4 g