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Diatomaceus Earth 1 kg

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Diatomaceus Earth contains  94.2% silicon, which is an essential trace element for the well-being of bones, joints, teeth, hair and skin, but it is also much more!

Silicon is an important trace element for the well-being of bones, tendons, joints, teeth and skin. Its nutrients maintain the quality of the horn and coat, strong and flexible joints, healthy skin and strong bones.

Lack of silicon has been found to slow growth and weaken bones. Bad hair and weak hooves may be a sign of silicon deficiency.

Diatomaceus Earth maintains the absorption of food, it slows down the passage of nutrients in the digestive tract, giving the digestive tract enzymes more time to break down nutrients. Diatomaceus Earth is often used as an additive in feed, as it absorbs harmful substances from the intestines. It also binds intestinal gases and reduces the liquid content of food in the large intestine and solidifies stools. Silicic acid is estimated to have the ability to normalize the microbial flora.

The amount of silicon in the body decreases with age, so it is necessary to increase its use in older people.

Silicon is recommended to be given especially to Icelandic horses, which can develop skin problems in Finland.

Silica, which makes up a large part of diatomaceous earth, is vital for the formation of collagen, especially together with vitamin C, and it supports skin renewal and well-being. Collagen keeps the skin, joints, tendons and other tissues strong and functional. About 25-30% of the body's protein is collagen, which gives strength to tissues. As much as 70% of articular cartilage proteins are collagen.


horse 500kg:

1 tablespoon of 5 deciliters of liquid /

1-2 tablespoons 1-2 times a day.

1 tablespoon = 5 g.


Nutrient composition:
Silicon 94.2%, calcium 0.3%, sodium 1.0% and phosphorus 0%.

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