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Chia de Gracia

Don´t Worry, Pee Happy

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Don't Worry, PEE Happy is a herbal blend for horses and dogs, designed to promote the normal well-being of urinary tracts.

Don't Worry , Happy PEE contains cranberries, marshmallow root, yarrow , golden rod, nettle, sea buckthorn, dandelion leaf, nettle root, sage and a pinch of love .

Cranberry contains many flavonoids, which the body considers foreign substances and tries to excrete them quickly. As a very acidic berry rich in vitamin C, cranberry acts as an antioxidant and helps to maintain the normal well-being of the urinary tracts. The high vitamin C content has a disinfecting effect. Cranberry also contains strong antioxidant quercetin and phytoestrogens, which contribute to supporting the body's own immunity and the well-being of mucous membranes. Marshmallow root contains a lot of mucus substances that protects the mucous membranes. The polysaccharides of the root helps to maintain the body's normal resistance. Golden rod is especially known as a powerful fluid remover and a urinary tract rinser. It also removes sodium from the body. Nettle and dandelion leaf are suitable for maintaining the normal functioning of the urinary tracts. As these plants are diuretic, they help to flush the urinary tract by increasing the secretion of urine, which also cleans the urethra. Sea buckthorn contains a lot of vitamins E and C and flavonoids, that helps to support the normal functioning of the immune system. Vitamin C and E are also antioksidantic. Sea buckthorn also has antimicrobial effects and contains nutrients that support the natural well-being of mucous membranes. Sage helps to maintain the general well-being of the body and mucous membranes.

Don't Worry , PEE Happy is a herb mixture intended for troubleshooting issues of horse´s / dog´s urinary tract challenges.



Horse 500 kg:

1-2 dl a day, maximum two weeks at a time. Add warm water and let infuse.


1/2 teaspoons to 3 tablespoons a day, maximum two weeks at a time (small dogs/big dogs. Add warm water and let infuse.

1 dl weights about 20g.


Not recommended for pregnant mares.


The urine infection culprits are bacterias that are mostly native to the intestines. Reaching the urethra , the bacteria cause inflammation . Urinary tract infection is treated by disinfecting the urunary tracts, increasing urine output and improving the body's immune system.