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Chia de Gracia

Fennel Seeds 500 g

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Fennel seed reduces excessive gassing and supports normal air circulation in the respiratory tracts.

Many cough medicines use fennel oil, as its ingredients maintain the normal functioning of the respiratory tract. Fennel seeds reduce the formation of gas that accumulates in the intestines and it has traditionally been used to relieve flatulence and to maintain the normal functioning of digestion.

Fennel should not be used continuously, as it increases estrogen production. In lactating female animals, fennel can have a positive effect on the maintenance of milk production.

Not suitable for pregnant mares.

Fennel seeds contain ingredients that parasites may avoid.


horse 500 kg:

1-3 tablespoons / day.



1/3 tsp- 2 tsp / day.

1 tbsp = 6 g, tsp 2 g.