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Chia de Gracia

Finnish cultivation nettlepowder 150 g

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Nettle is an excellent mineral, vitamin and trace element supplement for horses and dogs.  Highly nutritious plant rich in natural  nutrients!

Nettle is well suited for horses as a trace and mineral supplementation, especially during winter and spring. Nettle is a diuretic plant to promote normal metabolism antd to increase urine output. Nettle is rich in iron with good absorption capacity, so it can help to improve blood hemoglobin values.

Nettle is well suited for supportive treatment of joint and tendon injuries in combination with rose hips, ginger and / or MSM.

Nettle is highly rich in natural mineral salts. Nettle contains, for example, silicon, iron, calcium, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, amino acids and vitamins C, B2, B3, B5, K1 and important flavonoids and chlorophyll. About 15% of the nose is carbohydrates, 5.5% proteins, 0.6% fat and 2.3% mineral salts (Fe, K, Ca, Mg, etc.). Nettle also contains plenty of fibers beneficial to intestinal. 


horse 500 kg:

1- 5 tbsp / day,


1/3 teaspoon - 1 tbsp / day (small/big dogs).

1 dl weighs about 10g.


It is recommended always to start with a low dose, increasing the amount to avoid hypersensitivity reactions.