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Chia de Gracia

Forever Young 2,2 kg

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Forever Young is a natural herbal blend designed for senior horses to help replenish energy and complement important nutrition.

Older horses often need extra supplements to prevent bones becoming brittle and muscle to wither prematurely. Variety of stimulation and regular exercise in addition to good nutrition has a great importance to maintain the horse's well-being and ability to function. In particular, outside the grazing season it is beneficial to add vitamin-rich herbs into seniors diet to strengthen the general condition to increase general vitality and maintain functional capacity.

Forever Young contains vervain, fenugreek seeds, yarrow, rosehip, dandelion leaves, nettle, sea buckthorn, rowan berries, pollen grains, sage and a pinch of love .


horse 500 kg:

1 - 2 dl / day.

1 dl weights about 30 g.