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Gastro Control 1,5 kg
Gastro Control 1,5 kg
Gastro Control 1,5 kg
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Gastro Control 1,5 kg

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    Gastro Control is a premix designed for horses, based on clay flavoured with fermentation extracts.

    It is a blend of bentonite clay and lactic acid bacteria which contains a lot of good bacteria to support digestion and abdominal health. Maintains good intestinal microbial flora and absorbs harmful substances from the gut.

    Contains bentonite clay, lactic acid bacteria, glycerol, mint and a pinch of love .


    horse 500 kg: 50 g / day, ponies 25 g / day.

    1 dl = 100 g.


    Humidity 8%

    Ash 89%

    Glyserol 8%

    Silicon 60%

    Gastro Control is rich in fermented lactic acid bacteria.

    • Soothes and protects the intestinal wall
    • Supports digestion
    • Maintains good intestinal bacterial strain
    • Facilitates flatulence and swelling

    Supports the absorption of vitamins and nutri ents in the diet.

    Lactic acid bacteria, or probiotics, are living bacteria or yeasts that have a balancing effect on the intestinal bacterial strain. Lactic acid bacteria attach to the intestinal surface and act by balancing the good bacteria in the gut. By producing lactic acid, they can destroy bad bacteria and improve the body's immune defense. Many studies have shown that prebiotics can promote the growth of many healthy bacteria, including Bifidobacteria . Most of the body´s resistance is based on the intestine, so it is imporant to take care of the good strain of the gut. Lactic acid bacteria are found throughout the gastrointestinal tract, but mainly in the large intestine.