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Chia de Gracia

Goat's Rue 500 g

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Goat’s rue Galega officinalis) originally grows in the Middle East, but nowadays it also grows all over Europe and Asia. Man has enthusiastically spread this multi-use useful plant, which has been cultivated as fodder, green manure, honey plant and as an ornament. Goat’s rue belongs to the pea family and contains galegin, i.e. guanidine.

In addition, it contains many other compounds, such as flavonoids, phenols, tannins, saponins and many other compounds. It also has diuretic properties.

Can be used, for example, in conjunction with hay / feeds containing a lot of sugar.

Fodder for horses and dogs.

Crude fiber 25%, protein 22%, fat 2.7%, crude ash 6%, moisture 12%.

More information:

Experimental study of goat’s rue (Galega Officinalis L.) herb and its liquid extracts


Horse 500 kg:

1-2 tbsp / day. Mix with other feed.

Maximum dosage 2 g/100 g. Do not exceed the dosage.

Always start with a small dose.

1 tablespoon = 4 g.

1 dl = 20 g.

Goat´s Rue also may add milk production to lactating mares.