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Chia de Gracia

Golden Rod 300g

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Goldenrod is a diuretic plant that maintains normal urination and metabolism and increases sweat secretion. The saponins and flavonoids in goldenrod flushes the urinary tract and maintain the normal functioning of the bladder and kidneys and reduce the body's fluid bloat. The tannins in the goldrod contract mucous membranes.

In general, urinary tract problems are treated by disinfecting the urinary tract, increasing urine output and improving the body's immune system.

Goldenrod is a powerful plant, so it should be used judiciously, so not too often, lightly or for too long. Goldenrod is recommended to be used in short courses of no more than two weeks without a suitable reason for longer use.


horse 500kg:

1- 4 tbsp / day (10-15 g).


0,5 - 1 teaspoons / day.

1 tablespoon = 4g.