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Chia de Gracia


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Hemp bran is made from hemp seeds and is an excellent product for horses who need feed which contain just a little bit of energy but is high in fiber. High fiber content supports digestion and gut functions. Hembran gives a satisfying feeling of full stomach without any extra calories.

Also suitable for horses suffering from for example metabolic syndrome or lamitis, or horses that would otherwise not tolerate cereals in their diet.

The product is mixed with other feed or fed as it is, does not require swelling.


Horse 500 kg:

0.5 dl to 8 dl / day. A smaller amount for ponies.


1 liter weighs about 200 g.

Nutritional values 100g:

Energy 1536KJ, fiber 61g, protein 8.6g, fat 9.9g, sugars 0g.

Please note the current national and FEI anti-doping guidelines.

We recommend not to use for competing horses or waiting period 96 hours.

THC content max. 0.2% in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2022/1393.