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Chia de Gracia

Inulin 900g

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The use of inulin in pet food is based on the same considerations as the use in human food, namely it´s prebiotic effect and the subsequent health benefits. It is well established that inulin have prebiotic effects: it especially increases the diversity and the number of beneficial gut microbiota in the large intestine thereby contributing to health and well being of the host.

Positive effects have been found at a dosage of 1 – 4% of inulin or oligofructose in animal food. Beneficial effects were observed on several indicators that are related to overall health, obesity and well being. Intestinal health and with that overall health is, amongst others, promoted by the composition of their gut microbiota. In the literature, a clear effect on the microbiotic population can be seen when using inulin. Studies have shown that the addition of inulin in food animals increases the amount of intestinal short chain fatty acids production and reduce the amount of ammonia . 

Inulin is a prebiotic associated with metabolism,  dietary fiber, which does not disintegrate in the stomach or intestines.

Intestinal microbes have a significant impact on animals health. Prebiotic effects of inulin based on the fact that it will increase the diversity of the microbiota in the colon and promote it through the entire body's immune system , health and well-being. These in turn lead to other good effects, such as improved fecal odor, increased absorption of nutrients in the gut, the body's insulin sensitivity and the better the intestinal pH.

Research of inulin in per food



horse 500 kg:

1/2 dl - 1 dl / day.


1/4 tsp -1 tsp / day (small / large dogs)


1 tbsp = 12 g

1 tsp = 4 g