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Chia de Gracia

Lady´s mantle 400 g

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Lady´s mantle is a herb often used for female animals. When used regularly, the folded leaf can alleviate the symptoms of estrus and PMS in horses and dogs and maintain normal hormone function.

Lady´s Mantle  soothes the stomach and promotes normal digestion, strengthens connective tissues and maintains the body's normal fluid circulation. Contains tannins that contract mucous membranes, so it can also be helpful in the treatment of a loose stomach. Lady´s Mantle is very rich in vitamin C and it also contains essential oils and tannins.


Horse 500 kg:

3 tbsp - 1 dl (10 - 20 g) / day.


1/2-2 tsp / day.

1 tablespoon = approx. 2 g

1 dl = 15 g.