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Chia de Gracia

Mash the Pony 3,5 kg

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A mash drink formulated purely from 100% natural ingredients. Super delicious and nutritious mash secures horse´s liquid blance requirements, as well as increases the drinking.

Tasty warm drink helps to increase horse´ drinking at winter times or during summer months. Excellent after sweating to balance fluids and to promote recovery.

Chia de Gracia´ Mash the Pony is a mixture of wheat bran, barley malt, chia seeds, inulin, crushed apple, brewer's yeast, peppermint, nettle, himalayan salt, beetroot, as well as a pinch of love .

Mash the Pony contains healthy, stomach and intestinal pampering ingredients and electrolytes, minerals and vitamins.  An Excellent horse milkshake to pamper your horse!


add 1- 4 dl mash in to a bucket of warm water. Mix, let sit, enjoy the smell and turn off the horse's thirst!

1 dl = 50 g.

Tip: by adding a little bit more good quality himalayan salt, Native American sugar or ready Electrolyte powder you can ensure the receipt of all necessary electrolytes, for example, after the competition or after a hard workout!