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Chia de Gracia

My Happy Mare 1,8 kg

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Everybody wants a happy mare, don´t they?

Estrus and hormonal imbalances can cause mares bad behaviour, deteriorate performance, uncomfortable feeling and even pain. The uniformity of hormone activity reduces unpredictability and makes mares more cooperative, easier and more comfortable to handle.

My happy Mare is a herbal mixture to balance symptoms caused by estrus in grumpy mares and for maintaining normal hormone function.

Includes: chasteberry, chamomile, valerian, sage, yarrow, raspberry leaf, lemon balm, vervain, as well as a pinch of love .

Chasteberry effectively smoothes the difficult symptons of mare´s heat and balances hormonal activity. Chamomile is suitable for nervous and stressed horses. Chamomile soothes the mind and treats aches. Valeriana is a sedative and relaxant herb for nervous and stressed horses. Valeriana can also be used to trigger muscle cramps and convulsions and to relieve abdominal cramps. Yarrow is a broad-acting and mineral-rich, caring plant. Raspberry is a female herb and makes mares feeling a bit more tolerable during the heat. It also helps with tension and nervousness. Lemonbalm also has a relaxing and soothing effect. Vervain strengthens the nervous system, but also calms and balances the mind. It also has properties with strengthens the general well-being.

The purpose of My Happy Mare is to balance the body and mind and to help mares to be more comfortable and cooperative.


Horse 500 kg:

1 to 2 dl ( 25- 50 g) a day.


1 dl = 25 g.

Not for pregnant mares .