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My Happy Mare 1,8 kg
My Happy Mare 1,8 kg
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My Happy Mare 1,8 kg


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    A herbal blend to relieve the menstrual symptoms of mares and to balance the endocrine system.

    Includes : the monk's pepper (chasteberry), chamomile, valerian, sage, yarrow, red raspberry leaf, emon balm, vervain, as well as a pinch of love .

    Chasteberry effectively smoothes the difficult symptons of mare´s heat and balances hormonal activity. Chamomile is suitable for nervous and stressed horses. Chamomile soothes the mind and treats aches. Valeriana is a sedative and relaxant herb for nervous and stressed horses. Valeriana can also be used to trigger muscle cramps and convulsions and to relieve abdominal cramps. Yarrow is a broad-acting and mineral-rich, caring plant. Raspberry is a female herb and makes mares feeling a bit more tolerable during the heat. It also helps with tension and nervousness. Lemonbalm also has a relaxing and soothing effect. Vervain strengthens the nervous system, but also calms and balances the mind. It also has properties with strengthens the general well-being.


    The purpose of My Happy Mare is to balance the body and mind and to help mares to be more comfortable and cooperative.

    Dosage : Horse 500 kg : 1 to 2 dl ( 25- 50 g) a day.

    1 dl = 25 g.

    Not for pregnant mares .