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Protect That Tummy for Dogs

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Stomach upset? Heartburn?

A natural feed mixture to protect and soothe the dog's stomach and intestines and to maintain the normal well-being of the intestines. Forms the so-called abdominal armor that protects mucous membranes. The gel film produced by the product in the intestines reduces the acid effect, protecting the mucous membranes of the stomach from the acidity of digestive fluids.

Protect That Tummy is a completely natural feed mixture that supports the normal well-being of the dog's stomach and intestines. The ingredients form a mucus substance and cause the so-called protective belly armor. Contains plenty of fiber that supports bowel functions. The ingredients support intestinal balance and digestion, as well as the formation of a good intestinal bacterial population.

Recommended for dogs that suffer from heartburn, the so-called stress stomach or other stomach disorders.

Contains: fenugreek, rosehip, pectin, brewer's yeast, lecithin, inulin and a pinch of love.

Inulin is a prebiotic related to metabolism, a dietary fiber that does not break down in the stomach or intestines. Inulin maintains the diversity of the microbiome in the large intestine and thereby the immunity and well-being of the entire body.
    Lecithin is a "coater" of the gastric mucosa and maintains a healthy digestive tract. Lecithin has the ability to neutralize strong stomach acids. Lecithin strengthens the water-repellent surface layer of the intestine and thus maintains the normal well-being of the mucous membranes of the stomach.
    Pectin forms mucus in the intestines, which maintains the well-being of the tissue of the digestive system and balances the protective mucous layer. Pectin also increases the buffering capacity of stomach acids and raises the pH of the stomach contents to be more alkaline. Pectin is also a natural prebiotic that maintains beneficial bacteria in the intestines.
    Rosehips also contain pectin and sorbitol, which balances stomach acids, and is often used as an ingredient to control hyperacidity.
    Fenugreek seeds form mucus in the intestines, which supports the normal balance and well-being of the digestive tract and reduces symptoms caused by abnormal conditions in the intestines. Imbalances in the digestive tract often cause bloating and flatulence, and fenugreek can balance these symptoms as well.
    Brewer's yeast: yeasts maintain digestion and promote good bowel function. At the same time, it increases good intestinal flora and helps to balance the good bacteria in the stomach.



< 10 kg: 1/4- 1/2 measure

10-20 kg: 1/2-1 measure

20-30 kg: 1-1.5 measure

40 kg -> 2-3 measures/day/dag.

1 measure/pot = 6 g.

Watered and mixed with other feed. Always start with a small dose. The dose can be divided into 2 separate feeding times. Not fed dry.
Not for pregnant women.

The lecithin used in the product is soy-based (GMO-free).

Products containing brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) are known as supplements that stabilize normal digestion and stabilize intestinal flora.'

Composition: 3 g contains:

rosehip 748 mg, brewer's yeast 719 mg, fenugreek seed flour 898 mg, inulin 300 mg, lecithin 300 mg, pectin 30 mg.

1 measure = 6 g

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