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Psyllium seeds
Psyllium seeds
Psyllium seeds
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Psyllium seeds

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    Psyllium seeds form a gel mass, which softens the contents of the bowel and helps to eliminate the sand from the horse's gut.

    Suitable for both sand-eating horses, horses that accumulate sand in the intestinal tract and horses suffering from constipation.

    Dosage Moisturized: Maintenance of intestinal function 100 g per day, maximum 30 days. Wet well and mix with other feed.

    Sand removal: 300 g per day for 5-7 days (only under veterinary supervision / recommendation).

    1 dl weighs: 65 g.

    NOTE! The product swells abundantly, it binds water about 40 times its weight. When feeding psyllium to the horse, it should be ensured that the horse has sufficient water intake and observes the horse's wellbeing.

    The dosage of the day can be divided into several feeders.

    Not for continuous use. 5-7 days period can be renewed once a month, so that there is a 3 week break.

    In continuous use, migraines of intestine adapt to melt psyllium and the effect on sand removal is deteriorating.

    Tip: Use a small amount of chia during breaks, whereby the sand runs continuously in small quantities, and sand can not penetrate the intestines into a tight, thick layer.

    The sand amount in the intestine can be tested by putting a horse's manure on a rubber gloves, for example, and allowing it to stay overnight. If the sand is pouring into the bottom of the glove, it is recommended to continue. To be absolutely sure, X-rays from the horse´s gut are needed.

    Psyllium products themselves (without the requirement of a veterinarian) should be followed by the package leaflet. Do not exceed the dosage without the help of a veterinarian!