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Chia de Gracia

Psyllium seeds

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Psyllium seeds are suitable for removing sand from the horse's intestines and for relieving constipation. Psyllium is rich in fibers which promotes the normal digestion functions.

Psyllium seeds form a gel mass that softens the intestinal contents and helps remove sand from the horse's intestines.

Suitable for both sand-eating horses and horses with sand accumulation in the intestines or horses suffering from constipation.

Dosage horse:

Sand removal:

1 g / kg of body weight / per day for 5-7 days (only under the supervision/recommendation of a veterinarian or according to the instructions given by a veterinarian).

Maintenance of intestinal function horse 500 kg:

100 g per day, for a maximum of 30 days. Water abundantly and mix with other feed.

1 dl weighs: 65 g

NOTE! The product swells abundantly, it binds water about 40 times its weight. During the psyllium course, you must ensure the horse's adequate water intake and monitor the horse's condition.

The daily dosage can be divided into several feeding times.

Not for continuous use. The 5-7 day course can be renewed once a month, so that there is a 3-week break in between.

With continued use, the intestinal microbes adapt to digesting psyllium and the effect on sand removal weakens.


during the breaks, use a small amount (1 dl) of chia, so that the sand is constantly transported out in small amounts, and the sand does not get stuck in the intestines in a dense, thick layer.

You can test the sand situation in the intestines by putting horse manure in, for example, a rubber glove and letting the poop stay in the glove overnight. If the sand flows to the bottom of the glove, it is good to continue the course. You can only be sure of a sand situation by taking an X-ray of the horse's stomach.

When using psyllium products yourself (without a veterinarian's prescription), you must follow the instructions on the package. Do not exceed the dosage without a veterinarian's instructions!