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Chia de Gracia

Rowan Berries 350 g

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Rowan berries are an excellent source of vitamins and a carotenes. Vitamin A and it's precursor carotene are fat-soluble compounds that have an effect on e.g. skin well-being. Carotenes are converted in the body into vitamin A, which promotes e.g. the maintenance of normal vision and the well-being of mucous, skin and hair.

Rowanberry is a high in vitamin C.  Vitamin C, when present in the gut, can promote the conversion of iron to a form that the body can better utilize. Vitamin C also maintains the normal functioning of the immune system. Especially with heavy exercise, it is important to get enough vitamin C. Preliminary studies suggest that low vitamin C intake may predispose to the development of osteoarthritis, but research findings on the subject are conflicting. Collagen formation can be considered as one of the most important functions of vitamin C. Collagen is a protein that plays an important role in the process of forming several different tissues. It is found in bones, skin, blood vessels, teeth and cartilage, among other things. Cartilage allows the joints to move smoothly, which is why adequate collagen formation is essential for well-functioning joints.

This red-orange berry also contains vitamin E, flavonoids, calcium and magnesium.

Nutritious rowan berries can be given as a vitamin supplement to maintain general condition, especially in old and convalescent horses, and it can be helpful e.g. for horses with too hard manure. The ingredients in rowan berries also have insulin-type effects and maintain e.g. normal bile secretion, urination and appetite. A good vitamin supplement especially for the winter feeding season.

Dosage :

for a horse 500 kg:

1 tablespoon - 0,5 dl / day.